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Piano Lessons

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Jane Lane offers a double-pronged approach to learning and appreciating piano music and skills.

Firstly, she provides students who want a formal understanding with a clear understanding of conventional theory, notation, an explanation of rhythm and timings, and relative keys and scales. Within this element they can study pieces of music or exercises and it leads to a deeper understanding of sequence and flow in music. Students interested in this element can study towards different types of exam and certificate, or they can simply pass through the levels. Different coursebooks may be recommended, depending on the age and level of students.

Introduced alongside these skills is composition, or songwriting. Students interested in this will spend a proportion of their time listening to music backing tracks and understanding how to create melodies, songs, and different types of music. Therefore, Jane can record music created by students to help them develop ownership and the possibility of completing different types of musical expression. Furthermore, Jane feels that these second range of skills are those which will sustain an interest and a lifelong passion for the piano which can only promote progress in students of all ages and inclinations.

Jane has a PGCE in teaching and a DBS Certificate. For a more detailed description of this unique service, please get in touch below or browse the lesson types that Jane Lane Piano has to offer here.

Susan Willoughby
Susan Willoughby
Fabulous songwriting, composing and arranging skills available to get your music to the next level!
Jane has written several tracks for the Fluance "Lunacy" album and is creating more for the follow-ups. She always introduces well- referenced melodic originality to the mix!